Hello-o-o-o-o Nurse!

I’m doing some more writing for the ESL book/cd company that I’ve done writing and voice work before. This time, the assignment is to write a bunch of stories rather than dialogues. Each story is about nurses – I guess the book is for ESL students who want to become nurses – and each one has to be about a specific subject, to whit:

General medicine
General surgery
Dental & orthodontic
Plastic surgery
Infectious Deceases
Health Check-up (Radiology & clinical laboratory)
Occupational diseases

Some I’ll write from the perspective of the nurse, some I’ll write from the perspective of the patient. Some first person, some third, etc. So hey – if you want to help me, and I’d appreciate it, if you have any interesting anecdotes about an encounter in any of these subject, I would love to hear it. Maybe I’ll use it if you don’t mind. I would change the names to protect the indolent (unless you didn’t want me to!). And better yet – if you know any nurses, I’d love it if you passed along my email (or point them to this blog entry) so I could ask them some questions/get their input. I don’t want to break any doctor-patient confidentiality, I just want to write some interesting little true-to-life stories.

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  1. i am pretty sure that i have several medical stories to share. i could even get technical about it.

  2. Okay, not trying to insult your family, but I did not think that said “tucker” the first time I read it. 😉

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