Loosely Compiled

Like they say in Fahrenheit 9/11 – you can get your country to go along with almost anything as long as you keep them in constant fear. The US raised its terror alert level and said that Al Qaeda might be planning to attack financial institutions in New York, Washington, and Newark, New Jersey. The 9/11 commission runs out of funds next month and is seeking private donations so that it can continue its work. A government audit found that Halliburton lost about one third of the property it was given to manage in Iraq; 6,975 out of 20,531 items were missing. The lost government property was worth $18.6 million. Too bad there weren’t any other choices. Too bad there was no bidding process for the contracts. The Bush Administration issued a new rule that will permit the EPA to approve pesticides without finding out from wildlife agencies whether the chemicals will harm plants and animals protected by the Endangered Species Act.

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  1. I’m a stranger but dont be afraid. Someone showed me your blog when you did the bit about pubic hair shaving 😉 It was cute..

    Had to comment on the Farenheit 9/11 thing. You’re right on the money abou the fear thing, but was I the only one who wanted to strangle that one mother who was on near the end of the movie? Who sent her kids to the army then went apeshit when he kid died? That woman couldn’t pssibly have been more annoying, I swear.

    Oh and no 70’s bush here, tyvm. I’m totally pro-choice when it comes to the banishment of the pubes! 😉

  2. the terror alert was raised immediately after the democratic convention and diverted the campaign discussion once again to the ability of both sides to deal with terrorism, an issue on which the republicans have an edge in the polls. how convenient … or just a coincidence? .. hmmmmmm.

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