I dedicate this entry to my jive-talkin' friends

Here’s a few things that have been bugging me lately.

Hizouse (sic?) – what’s the deal? Why do we need the “iz” in the middle of that word? What purpose does it serve? Where did it come from? Where is it going? In the gizarbage, I hizope. I’m so square.

f’ing or effing or whatever. Everyone knows that when you say “f’ing” you mean fucking, so why bother? I could kind of, possibly understand using it if you’re in the presence of a seven-year-old (but only if her parents are around), but if you’re hanging out with adults I don’t see the point. Whose delicate sensibilities are you trying to cushion? Same thing with friggin’ or frickin’ – I’ve heard both of those used. As a word, ‘fuck’s whole raison d’etre is to offend, so to water it down is to strip it of its sole purpose. But if you must soften the word fuck because it’s too vulgar, don’t use some lame bastardized version of a real word*. Try replacing it altogether with ‘screw’ or ‘hell’ or ‘damn’. Those are actual words that actually mean actually something, and can add to your statements rather than confuse and muddle them.

*The word, by the way, apparently comes from (or was at least first printed in) an old poem written partly in English and partly in Latin in the 14th century. It’s translated from the latin “fuccant.” The poem is “Flen Flyss” (Fleas, Flies [and Friars]) and it satirized Roman Catholic monks who fornicated with the “wives of [the town] Ely.” More….

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  1. my mom would say ‘fudge’ instead of fuck because she didn’t like to swear and didn’t want to hear it. she compromised by letting us say frig. so sometimes i say frig when i think i’m swearing too much. i know fuck’s raison d’etre is to offend but perhaps that is why people say frig. NOT to offend. in the case of someone like me, i’m going to say something so my mom made sure it wasn’t course language.

  2. I might actually be against this. But I’ll give it a shot. We’ll see how long the novelty lasts. Seems like a lot of clutter….

  3. Download zip? Oh for Satan’s sake. Extract to directory /wp-content/plugins? I don’t have access to that. Also my remaining hard drive space is valuable, and not to be used on trifling matters. So if the file(s) required aren’t tiny, it will have to wait.

  4. or better yet, get a second hard drive (if you don’t already) and chain the two together. it isn’t that hard and if no one else can do it for you, i will.

  5. I am also a fan of “what the H?”, a phrase brought to me by Ursula.
    When I was in grade 6, saying “sugar” was a popular substitute for saying “shit.”

  6. i have been using f and h for years now. i like them. sometimes i say fuck or shit or hell. but i think that the letters suit me better. probably because i swear a lot. and if i didn’t use the letters i’d be tpt. so, in my efforts to avoid being immediately recognised as trailer park trash, i use the cuter versions. ooooh, kinda like in pride and prejudice when they don’t put the whole names of people down, just the letter and then the dash. what mr. d— was really thinking, was how badly he wanted to f— elizabeth! ha ha! i rule.

    i have used farck before, someone i know uses it and i grew on me for a bit. but i don’t like it as much as f.

  7. I love ‘farg’ as in ‘Farging Iceholes” from that 80’s “comedy” movie about the mob starring Joe Piscapo. What the hell was that movie called?

  8. Ahh, “Johnny Dangerously”. Thank you, IMDB, for that moment and so many others. Anyway, I loved getting to say ‘farg’ as a kid and I’m still a fan.

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