Oh Not Another current events post!

In Sudan, Arab militias have been slaughtering and raping black farmers, then some of the militia members (Janjaweed) were sentenced to have hands and feet amputated.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California called his Democratic opponents “girlie men.” [New York Times]

Mexico’s attorney general was implanted with computer chips that broadcast his location and his identity; security experts said that publicly revealing the existence of the location chip was unwise, since kidnappers could simply remove the chip. [Ananova]

Martha Stewart was sentenced to five months in prison.

A first draft of the dog genome was released. [NIH]
Phew! Lucky for the dog! Think of all that waiting for its genome!

A mule reportedly gave birth in Bhutan.

Public-health experts said that 40 percent of the residents of Los Angeles County get no more than 10 minutes of exercise per week.

Some drug companies were thinking about banning people who respond to placebos from clinical trials. [New Scientist]

Scientists said that they could estimate how many years a woman has left before the onset of menopause by using a technique called transvaginal sonography. [New Scientist]

In Florida, a man was accused of beating his girlfriend with a pet alligator. [Independent]

The Japanese plotted to blow up the Loch Ness Monster but Scottish wizards cast a protective spell on Nessie and the Scots in the area to protect them [Napoleon Dynamite]

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  1. “A mule reportedly gave birth in Bhutan.?” A likely story. I’ll believe that when I see it.

    I’ll bet it actually gave birth just over the border in Nepal.

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