Look out for the campy drawing of queen victoria

Today I went to a couple more garage sales.

I got 2 tennis rackets for $3 total (one of them is kind of gimped though)
I got a shoebox full of cassettes for $2 and it was so worth it. First of all there was a 2-cassette HMS Pinafore, then there’s “Sound of Silents; Music for Silent Film Classics – Lee Erwin playing the Fox-Capitol Theatre Wurlitzer Pipe Organ”, “Son of Dracula starring Harry Nilsson and Ringo Starr,” a tape for insomniacs of a guy slowly droning “one…sheep…two…sheep…three…sheep…” etc. Hilarious. Plus a lot of old blank cassettes (they were blank once, now they’ve got…stuff on them – I’m slowly going through them) from the late ’70’s/early ’80’s the graphics of which harken back to my childhood.
Duotangs (good for D&D character sheets) – 25 cents for two.
Headphones and some RCA cables for a quarter each.
Free magazines and some more free blank cassettes.

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  1. if you let me borrow the tape, we can see if it actually helps insomniacs… one sheep… two sheep… red sheep… blue sheep. let’s experiment.

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