Fish! Plankton! Sea greens and protein from the sea!

Tonight at Anghold’s we (Yvonne, Ursula, John Crawford, and…Greg?) watched Tron and Logan’s Run. Many among the group had not seen either. There was a goodly amount of MST3King, mostly about the homoerotic nature of some of the Tron scenes. It had been a long time since I had seen Logan’s Run – it get’s really slow in the last third of the film. It becomes Logan’s Stroll.

2 Replies to “Fish! Plankton! Sea greens and protein from the sea!”

  1. I think its downfall comes in taking three detours before coming to an abrupt climax. Er, conclusion. It really was a pretty good movie, length and plot meanderings aside. But Tron was da fucking bomb.

  2. “If those grid bugs get us, we’ve had it” – one of my favourite parts, after Jeff Bridges yells “Because, man!”

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