Those aren't birds, doll…they're giant vampire bats!

Friday night I went over to James and we watched Capturing the Friedmans which was pretty disturbing but good. I slept over and had some Moose Tracks ice cream with Reese peanut butter uh…you know that stuff you pour over ice cream and it hardens and is delicious. Moose Tracks was vanilla with fudge and little tiny peanut butter cups in it. That was tasty and bad for me. James & Marlo went to bed earlier than me so I stayed up watching Abbott & Costello and The People’s Court. I want to watch more A&C.

Yesterday I went to the Luminares parade of lanterns thing-a-ma-jigger with Yvonne and Janet & Brian (the “&” signifies that Janet and Brian are “together” in “that” way, whereas the “and” just signifies that we were part of the same group). We met up with Satomi and Andrea & Brian (see?) and wandered around seeing lots and lots and lots of people, and fireworks, and people playing with fire, and my favourite part – bats. Bats are cool. They fly around like they’re drunk with their echolocation picking off moths and whatnot in midair. The scientific name for bats are chiroptera, which in and of itself is cool, and the ones I saw were probably hoary bats, cuz they were pretty big (for a North American bat) and they roost in trees and feed in open fields. Possibly could have been the aptly named big brown bat.

At one point yesterday I only had 21 megs on my hard drive, so I had to uninstall the old school D&D game that I’ve been playing on and off since I got back from vacation. Now back up to 200+ megs.

There is so much going on today! I’ve got a game of World Wildlife Federation of Justice at 4:30 and I was invited to go to a lake in Hope with Ursula and Anghold has her sci-fi movie night tonight, and Sam is having his hard-boiled detective movie marathon today. Too much stuff, really, because I can only do 1 of them (after WWFJ). I don’t even know what’s going to happen after the game. I don’t even know, do you hear me?

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