Movies I need to see – SOONER rather than LATER

Help me out here, asshole….

Fahrenheit 9/11
Napoleon Dynamite (it’s playing at Tinseltown people!)
The Blind Swordsman: Zatôichi
The Bourne Supremacy (I do favour the Brian Cox)

What you couldn’t pay me to see:

Also I recently picked up (in Nelson, no less) the following films for my collection:
War of the Worlds
The Apartment
Amazon Women on the Moon

There will be a viewing, stay tuned.

8 Replies to “Movies I need to see – SOONER rather than LATER”

  1. i suggest viewing ‘war of the worlds’ at my sci-fi night on sunday. that is my vote, for what it’s worth.

  2. Who’re you calling “asshole”? Jerk.

    Napoleon Dynamite is good, but people are having mixed reactions, so go see it matinee, perhaps.
    Zatoichi is at Tinseltown too. Again, matinee it.
    I loved The Bourne Supremacy, and there are plans to go see it Monday, if you’re interested.

    And yes, Catwoman can go to hell. It’s many, obvious flaws aside, I’m starting to see red everytime the commercial calls her “a girl with extraordinary powers”. Showing your boobs off in Swordfish doesn’t make you a girl. Or even all that young. Grr.

    FRICKIN’ GREEN LANTERN!!! Sorry, sorry. I’m still in pain.

  3. napdy. i’m hoping to see it very soon. maybe monday? i probably wouldn’t go till evening though. 7:45 show. ya wanna?
    also, amazon women of the MOOOOON!!! i would like to see again.

  4. Janet – yeah, Monday sounds good. Let’s do it! It’s been TOO LONG since I’ve seen your winning smile. And also your winning simile.

  5. I really liked Napolean Dynamite (which I saw at 5th ave) but I can see how others might not. It is one of those films that gets funnier for me the more I think about it. Zatoichi is a matinee. I liked it but would have been happier if I hadn’t paid full price.

    I’m going to see Bourne today! I was really surprised with the first one and from what I hear, won’t be let down by this one.

    When are you going to see 9/11? I’ll tag along. I’m free after 2:30pm on weekdays though Friday I’m playing D&D with Jon et all.

  6. Looks like 9/11 will be Wednesday or Friday matinee. There are 3 theaters to choose from. I would actually prefer not to see it at Fifth Ave as they are expensive and their seats aren’t that great.

  7. i have a membership at 5th ave. it is only 8 something with a membership.
    but i’ll go anywhere. ANYWHERE! as long as i’m not working.

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