My friends Carina and Tim recently announced that they were engaged (to be married, not engaged in hand to hand melee or the gears of a clock). Usually one of the first things I think about when people get married is if any names will change. It seems so 16th century to change names when you get married. Do people still do it, and why? If I get married, I might change my name, but not out of tradition or anti-tradition, only because it’s the perfect opportunity. Like the witness protection program.

Toren Q Awesome.

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  1. It would appear that if you don’t give a posting a subject line, no one can post a comment to it. Interesting.

    In regards to your next-higher posting: CDs are discs, while floppies are disks. CDs were developed in Europe and Japan, so have the British spelling.

  2. I didn’t change mine mostly because I didn’t think I’d still feel like me anymore. Plus, Wiersma is hard to spell and pronounce for people.

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