Pick your favourite fear:

Asymmetrical things- Asymmetriphobia
Things to the left side of the body- Levophobia
Bowel movements: painful- Defecaloesiophobia
Bridges or of crossing them- Gephyrophobia
Bullets- Ballistophobia
Burglars, or being harmed by wicked persons- Scelerophobia
Chinese or Chinese culture- Sinophobia
Color yellow- Xanthophobia
Cooking- Mageirocophobia
Criticized severely, or beaten by rod or instrument of punishment- Rhabdophobia
Defeat- Kakorrhaphiophobia
Deformed people or bearing a deformed child- Teratophobia
Dining or dinner conversations- Deipnophobia
Dirty, being dirty or personal filth- Automysophobia
Englishness- Anglophobia
Erect penis- Medorthophobia
Everything- Panophobia, Panphobia, Pamphobia, or Pantophobia
Flutes- Aulophobia
France or French culture- Francophobia, Gallophobia or Galiphobia
Friday the 13th- Paraskavedekatriaphobia
God or gods- Zeusophobia
Greek or Greek culture- Hellophobia
Handwriting- Graphophobia
Kissing- Philemaphobia or Philematophobia
Knowledge- Gnosiophobia or Epistemophobia (stop reading if you’ve got this)
Mice- Musophobia, Murophobia or Suriphobia
Mirrors or seeing oneself in a mirror- Eisoptrophobia
Names or hearing a certain name- Onomatophobia
Needles- Aichmophobia or Belonephobia (Marlo?)
Objects, small- Tapinophobia
Ocean or sea- Thalassophobia
Opinions- Allodoxaphobia
Otters- Lutraphobia
Peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth- Arachibutyrophobia
Puppets- Pupaphobia
Railroads or train travel- Siderodromophobia
Relatives- Syngenesophobia
School, going to school- Didaskaleinophobia
Sharks- Selachophobia
Single: staying single- Anuptaphobia
Slime- Blennophobia or Myxophobia
Snow- Chionophobia
Stairways- Bathmophobia
Standing upright- Basistasiphobia or Basostasophobia
Step-mother- Novercaphobia
Tyrants- Tyrannophobia
Undressing in front of someone- Dishabillophobia
Ventriloquist’s dummy- Automatonophobia
Waits, long- Macrophobia
Wealth- Plutophobia
Wet dreams- Oneirogmophobia
Words, long- Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia or Sesquipedalophobia.

One Reply to “Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia”

  1. Hellophobia and Aulophobia are the funniest. It is true that I am aichno/belone-phobic, although I try not to overdramatize it. Sometimes I can’t help it, though.

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