eBay at the moon

I just had an annoying eBay encounter. One of the things on my “favourite” searches is the Predator soundtrack. You can fix your settings so that every day you get emails containing new listings for your favourites. I got an email telling me about a listing of a rare Predator promo cd that had all of the songs that are on the regular Predator sountrack (which is a very limited edition CD that usually goes for $60 US or more – which obviously I can’t afford or justify). Usually when there’s a new listing I just bid my max ($20) and I am grossly outbid almost immediately – which I expect. So I did likewise on this listing but a split second after I bid I realized there was a “BUY IT NOW” price of $20, which means I shouldn’t have bid – I should have just hit the BUY IT NOW button and ended the auction. So I emailed the seller telling them I had made a mistake and I would like to “Buy it Now” and then figured out how to retract my bid. So I retracted my bed, and then hit the BUY IT NOW button. Then I Paypalled the guy $26.50 (I had earlier emailed him about how much postage would be and $6.50 was the response). This was yesterday or the day before, and I just got an email that says:

Sorry, but it looks like someone else already beat you to bidding on the item. I show that ebay user llwilloughby won the auction thru Buy It Now and he already sent me a Paypal payment. I only have one CD so I can’t sell it to you. I’ll refund your money immediately. Once again, I’m sorry.

Which I can’t figure out since it took me all of 5 minutes to go from being the first bidder to retracting my bid to hitting the Buy It Now button. I guess god hates me. Or he wants me to save my money. Either way, DAMN YOU GOD!!!!

Also, sellers of Nausicaa DVDs who live in the Vancouver area but won’t let you come and pick up the disc to save $5 on shipping deserve a little kick in the bum.

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  1. For the sheer sake of irony, shouldn’t that be, “God damn you, God!”? (Please note that Donovan K. Loucks is not taking the name of God in vain nor does he condone doing so. Thank you.)

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