Don't forget – tomorrow is Knitting in the Buff

I had some errands to do today and it looked overcast out so I dressed slightly warmer than usual. And then when I got to the end of the block I turned around and changed into something cooler. I walked down to Divine Industries our record company where I gave them my only copy of Great Old Ones so that we can reissue the album. Allen was on the phone so I chatted with Laura about Scrabble but then it was back on my feet to go to the Comicshop where I dropped off posters and tickets for H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday Party. I didn’t plan on buying anything while I was there but I couldn’t resist a few of the open D&D miniatures they had (lemure, ettercap, grick – all monsters all the time), and some discounted DUNGEON magazines (cheap and useful!). I talked with Ryan and Jeremy who work there about the con and this and that – some young kid there was saying that I might not have a steady paycheck from my artwork but at least I’ll have valuable art to hand down to my children. Valuable, valuable words to live by.

From there I walked down to Drexoll Games where I dropped off more tix/posters and while I was there I exchanged the dice that Ursula gave me for my birthday. She saw me ogling dice when we were at the 24-hour game-a-thon and so she got them for me, but she got me the set of 12 six-siders instead of the full nerd set (d4,d6,d8,d10,d12,d20). I was going to keep the d6’s because they could come in handy, but this morning I decided that I had enough d6’s for my needs – but not enough d20’s, so off I went. Ziggy was there so at first I wasn’t sure if he had the authority for exchanges (since I didn’t have the receipt) but it was no problem. The problem arose when I went to find the set I wanted (dark marble royal blue with gold numbers) and I saw the green dark marble and then a kind of neat plasma green that were also very appealing to my artistic sensibilities. There was a girl there talking with Ziggy so I asked her which ones she liked best. She picked the dark green. Then I showed them to Ziggy and he chose the plasma green. My original jones had been for the royal blue so I was back where I started. I decided that I better roll for it! Ziggy got out a d6 and I decided 1-2 = dark green, 3-4=plasma, 5-6= blue. I rolled a 6 so we made the exchange and I was $1.50 up on the deal to boot.


Then I walked over to Jolly’s Bistro and I had a veggie roti. The food there is really tasty but about 10% too expensive. I suggest you try it though (it’s just west of the Naam). Marlo and I are on no junk-food diets right now (pretty much since we saw Supersize Me!, although for me it had more to do with the fact that I had a buddy, not because I saw the movie. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a couple months now. The problem (if you can call it that) is that Kelly is a chocolatier and she always brings over decadent treats that are delicious-cubed. I think the hardest thing to do will be to give up chocolate, in fact I don’t think I’m going to do that. I’m just going to cut down. Nixing the chips & pop won’t be much of a problem – nuts/raisins and juice make good alternatives. There’s no alternative to chocolate though.

Now I’m off to draw undead squid for charity….

5 Replies to “Don't forget – tomorrow is Knitting in the Buff”

  1. i agree, there’s no sub for chocolate.
    everything in moderation….well food, at least….and the body shouldn’t complain too much.
    but it’s strange – even though”super-size me” really got to me, I’ve eaten at McDicks more in the past month than in the past five years.
    it was like one big reverse psychology advertisement!

  2. As a diabetic, the motto is moderation, not elimination! Have the Chocolate! I had a double chocolate chip cookie with a friend last night for dessert and it was tummy-yummy good. Just have to learn not to eat the whole bag in one sitting! And chocolate from a professional Chocolatier has got to have healing qualities.


  3. I’m not listening to them. I’m going off chocolate because it is the main sugary thing I eat (can we say too much Ritter Sport?), and it kind of hurts my stomach when I eat it.

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