Knitting in the Buff version 1

Marlo arrived about 15 minutes early and I put in episode 1 of Reboot. Then Yvonne showed up and we watched the first episode of The Office. Dalia arrived and it was time for the first two episodes of Buffy. Ursula came as Dalia was leaving, and I popped in the first Black Books episode. Marlo went home and then Anghold arrived and we watched two episodes of Six Feet Under, and I got my hair dyed again (same blue colour as before, nice and dark). Ursula brought me candles and corn – just like that album by Stevie Ray Vaughn – remember? Candles ‘n’ Corn? Ok nevermind.

When I was looking at the bottle of fruit juice that Ang bought, I thought it would be funny if somebody had the name Phillip Shakewell.