This is an interesting article on how long power would last if there was a zombie apocalypse. It occured to me as I was reading that a power plant would be a pretty good place for us all to meet in a zompocalypse. If we kept the station running (using our inherent technical know-how) Now, all we (you and I) have to do is find out where the hydro plant is and the best route to get there. And bring some Ho-Hos on the way.
(thanks to mbeck for the link)

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  1. Revelstoke is probably the best bet. You have a decent sized town (for scavenging) and there are two dams just outside the city.
    And given the winter climate there, all you have to do is survive until freezing and you’ll survive the outbreak. A bit of house to house clearing, but for the most part, the zombies will all freeze and die.

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