Knitting in the Buff (Yvonne Made Me Do It)

The concept: Right here at nerd central, once a week, we show an episode of Buffy (starting with episode one and going chronologically), as a chaser to a couple other shows (also shown in chron0lorder). And while that happens? KNITTING! (Or in my case, drawing). That means you–Anghold, Yvonne, Michelle, Sheri…uh Kate – do you knit? I forget. Anyway, you’re invited, all we have to do is pick a date. But you don’t have to knit to come (Marlo, James, Theo) because I think the appetizers before Buffy will be X-Men:Evolution and Reboot*. Subject to change – and to suggestion. With those 3 shows that’s only 1:30, the length of a short movie. All we have to do is pick a day of the week!

*I watched 13 episodes of Reboot last night while I drew and while the series starts out novel enough – the 3rd season is quite engaging.

10 Replies to “Knitting in the Buff (Yvonne Made Me Do It)”

  1. i like knitting in the buff. so sign me up. i am pretty much available on mon/ tues/ wed nights – after 7pm – and depending on when / if i can get the car. so there you go. pick a day and i will show up, unless i don’t.

    and i sure do hope that michelle comes, ’cause i want to learn how to crochet fun colourful squares – using only my hands, a ballpoint pen, and a lot of moxy.

    your pal,
    ang ‘choke’ hold

  2. I made you do *nada*. You copied that knitting-group name all on your own.
    The Other knitting group (which, incidentally, watches 6 feet under these days) meets on Mondays; I’d been thinking of going again, so non-mondays would be nice.

  3. i like to crochet. is that close enough?
    maybe that means, i can crochet clothed and you can knit knaked!

  4. Maybe once Angel leaves Buffy you can start on his show and see how well you can synchronize the crossover episodes!

  5. Spanish? Amazing! Sadly (well – for you) D&D is Thursday nights…
    Come to knitting and Anghold will teach you Spanish.

  6. Can I come to knitting for a couple weeks and have AngHold teach me knitting? Though I’m more of a power tools kind of gal than a dexterous with pointy needles kind of gal…

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