I admit it.

I recently (Monday) learned that Jean Chretien is not our prime minister. This is indicative of my fondness for (and attentiveness to) politics, or lack thereof. And we’ve got an election coming up. Driving through Coquitlame, you see signs all over the place. I haven’t seen any such signs around my usual haunts (Fairview, downtown). So uh…yeah. I’m registered to vote (last time I checked) so I will now be soliciting suggestions & arguments as to how I should vote. I usually vote Green. Now, I understand that doing so may split the vote for another candidate who could otherwise possibly beat a less desirable candidate, but I wonder how long will that go on for? If nobody ever votes for the party they actually want to win the election because of that fear, how will that party actually ever win the election?

I’m bored.