I walked down to Tribeca on Seymour to see Jen & Norm’s art show there and met some new people, which was nice. It was a restaurant/bar type of a place, so it was noisy and crowded and all the usual things you would associate with that. I spoke with Ron Crown, who I haven’t seen since a party at Norm’s about a year and a half ago. He created Mr. Dink – the cartoon I did voices for. Very nice guy and he has worked on a lot of cartoons including…yes…the Raccoons. Also Ren & Stimpy. With luck, things may pick up in the voiceover department, but probably not for a while yet. After that I was supposed to meet a guy about a longbow – he’s selling a bunch of medieval weapons cheap, so I thought I’d take a look at his stuff. I wandered around to find a phone and I found one, as well as an orange julius, in the Specific Center mall. I got his machine so I left a message and started walking back home. I stopped in at Golden Age Collectibles and there was a guy working the till who I had not seen before. He was the stereotypical opinionated not-a-jerk-but-just-outspoken-enough-to-be-annoying typical Android’s Dungeon comic book guy, so I had a quiet laugh to myself about that while I was perusing the Powers and Alias graphic novels. The Comicshop (my preferred comic outlet) on 4th is having their 30 year sale – 30% off a bunch of stuff. I’ve been toying with the idea of picking up some graphic novels that I’ve had my eye on, like Hellboy: The Chained Coffin & Others and any Powers or Alias books, but I just can’t justify the expenditure right now. I wish there was an ‘s’ in ‘expenditure’ so I could put a $ in there somewhere. Maybe I’ll do it anyway. I just can’t justify the ex$penditure. Especially considering I’m going to be getting rid of a bunch of stuff at my Birthday Auction! Which I think will be on the 25th or 26th of June. Or maybe I should even have it on my actual birthday – which is Monday the 28th. Nah, then people would have to leave at 11 or something stupid. So yeah – Friday or Saturday. All non-pricks are welcome. And also James. Does anyone not know what happens at a Birthday Auction? Just in case you missed it the last several years.

I have a bunch of friends (i.e. you) over for a party. Instead of buying me presents (which is good) you bring whatever you have lying around that you want to donate to the auction block–old books, video games, toys, household items, faberge eggs, whatever. Throughout the evening I auction everything* off right back to you. You get rid of some old unwanted stuff (which is good), you get some new, wanted stuff for outrageously cheap (which is good) and I get all the cash (which is best)! Plus there will be delicious foodstuffs and beverages for all. So start making a pile today – I know I am.

*Of course I get to pick through the pile and keep anything I’d rather not have auctioned off. That’s how I got that lovely bathroom garbage can from Neal. Testify!

Oh I got all distracted. After I left Golden Age I walked to ABC Comic Emporium. They were closed, so I walked back over the Granville Bridge and watched a lovely sunset as I went. Then I got home and watched Ocean’s 11 with a tiny tub o’ strawberry cheesecake ice cream – I had to eat off all that exercise, right? I give it a 7 out of 10 (the movie, not the ice cream).