I went to three garage/yard sales today but at each address I found plenty of garages/yards but no sales of any kind. Being out in the sun made me want to do something phystical, so I called some people to see if they wanted to go hiking/biking. No takers as of yet. I’ll continue drawing and hoping.

I’ve been watching so many episodes of Batman the animated series (I’m making dubs for Theo) that I’ve been dreaming Batman dreams. I rented a Superfriends DVD from Rogers yesterday and they had the wrong DVD in the case. It made me realize that a great way to rip off Rogers – if you were into doing that sort of thing – would be to switch DVD discs in their cases, rent the thing, and then after you watch it, bring it back and complain that the wrong movie was in the case. They’d exchange discs and you’d be getting two movies for the price of one. That only works for 7-day rentals though.