Before I go to the Drexoll 24-hour game-a-thon on Friday night, I’m going to go to this crazy “57 Varieties” show at the Butchershop. …the second instalment of this (monthly?) “57 Varieties” show series at the Butchershop Floor! We only made it to 39 varieties of performance last time (even that courtesy of some somewhat shady tabulation) but with YOUR HELP (cf. your poems, short films, unamplified musical performance, dance, acrobatics, puppetry, Iron Chef competitive cooking, or some more esoteric specialty) we can make it to 57 varieties and thus fulfill the conditions of the ancient prophecy, bringing about the end times and a golden era of unprecedented prosperity for the 57,000 chosen ones in and around Vancouver’s arts community. Don’t miss this opportunity for a fun Friday night and life everlasting at no extra charge! (Crazy people indeed…) Doors at 8! Entrance by donation or bring something (unplugged or visual) to share!