I think people who have more than 30 friends listed on Friendster are just being silly. How would you have time to see or even talk to them all? I think they’re thinking of Acquaintancester. Anghold says that Friendster is good and OKCupid sucks, but I say that Friendster sucks and OKCupid is good. I would say about 70-80% of the time I try to use Friendster it gives me a random error or doesn’t do what it’s supposed to or simply doesn’t load at all. For example, I just got an email saying there’s a message on friendster for me from Jeff, when I go to the site, there is nothing there. Same thing with Yvonne’s testimonial earlier today (which was very nice and everyone should go read it, by the way). Even though OKCupid is not as customizable, at least it works 90% of the time. And when it’s not, they tell you. That’s my experience, anyway. The one big thing about OKCupid that I don’t like is that you can’t opt to excize from your “matches” list those people who are currently in a relationship – though I’m told that’s in the works.

When I was invited yesterday by Aili to go see Van Helsing with her and Deanna, nobody had replied to my e-invite to hang out at my place while I drew, so I told her not to count on me showing up but just in case – where will they be sitting. Turned out that Yvonne, Anghold, James, & Ursula took me up on my offer, so we (with Stewie) had a gay old time just sitting around chatting and eating pizza. We watched some The Muppet Show (the one with Steve Martin) and the Rocket Robin Hood episode that aired that night, but I was so caught up in drawing and chatting that I forgot to tape Superfriends. Also we bleached my hair. At some point I’m going to get some hair dye but in the meantime I’m salt & pepper blonde.

I found it both entertaining and satisfying to use the “edit censored words” admin tools on vancouvergamingguild.com to cause all instances of “peeps” to be instantly changed to “people.” It’s true – power corrupts. Yvonne used “deets” in a recent correspondence and I forgot to slug her in the gut when I saw her today. Although interestingly she tried to slug me in the gut.