Hot in the City Tonight
It has begun. It is starting to get hot in the apartment. Elf needs drapes, badly. I think I may nail up some of the blankets I got from I got from the Chrishold Moving Day Giveaway Extravaganza. Although, on further consideration, those are afghans. Regardless, methinks the fans come out of storage tomorrow. Be warned, gamers, movie-watchers and other visitors, dress lightly and carry a big stick.

Weapons of Minor Destruction
I won this axe on eBay. In hindsight I paid $5 more than it’s worth to me including shipping but on the other hand, it’s a nice looking axe. I’ll be adding this to my collection of medieval weapons that I used for art reference. Recently I got a flail as well. The only real hard part about drawing an axe is the counter-flange on the opposite end of the blade. Drawing an axe like this is much more difficult than drawing a double-headed axe. Either way it’s nice to have an actual metal, life-size prop when working so you can get the reflections juuuuuuust right.

Emails of Interest II: The Spammening

I just checked out your site, your illustrations are amazing. I was just wondering if you would mind if i used some of your illustrations as references for 3d-models. I am still a novice when it comes to CG. Most of my attempted work is made for games and are very low on the polygonal scale. My personal website is: i know its not very functional right now but is is being revamped. You can see some of my past 3d model work on the forums of my forum name is wbarrett 26. I would be using your illustrations to make some characters for a game. If i post any work on the forums i will of course place your website as the reference source, and always cite you in the credits of any work. Thank you.