An atypical Saturday

11:00 tape Justice League
11:30 shower
11:45 go out looking for garage sales
12:30 return with 6 used audio cassettes* and 4 duotangs with transparent plastic cover**. Play Heretic
1:30 Janet calls to see if I can come out and play
2:45 Walk to Maini & 26th, walk past more garage sales. Play with fuzzy caterpillar.
3:30 Meet Janet & Brian at this fantastic house on 26th where Angus Bungay is showing his sculptures.
4:00 Liberty Bakery for baked goods
4:30 Stop ice cream man outside Douglas Park & make more sugary purchases
5:00 Grab tennis rackets from home, go and wait for a court to free up.
5:15 Play tennis with Janet & Brian
6:00 Heretic
7:30 Pick up discount Easter chocolate at Shoppers Drug Mart
7:45 Bus to Yvonne’s for fun desserts party
12:30 leave party
1:30 get home, realize I’ve forgotten to tape Superfriends. Play Heretic.
2:30 Bed (comics/cartoons to lull me)