A brawl broke out at an anger-management seminar at a high school in Maryland.

My spine hurts from jumping up and down at the show the other night.

I shouldn’t have gone out, but I did.

Last night I went to Ursula’s and we (Yvonne, Ursula and I) had nachos and played Settlers of Catan and then my own board game (re-re-re-revised version) and then we played some Mario game until 4am and somehow I won even though I was in last place for most of the game. I walked home and on the way there was a big blue plastic recyclables container full of frying pans and trophies on the curb. I was tempted to take a trophy but I took a frypan instead.

I got an email today from Michael – ally, and producer for Titan Pictures: “I have just been notified that ‘Unrecoverable Error’ has been nominated for best drama at this year’s Yorkton Short Film Festival! I believe Yorkton is Canada’s longest running short film festival.” I played the arrogant tech guy in the film. So, that’s cool.

When you get bored of ear/nipple/navel/genital/eyebrow piercings and tattoos and scarring and branding and ear-stretching and fangs and forked tongues…here’s what’s what’s new to the body modification menu: eye jewelry