Because what could be more important?

Today they (Teletoon) aired the first ten episodes of the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoons. That may sound impressive but the episodes are only 5 minutes long, and each episode contains a minute or so of footage from the last episode so you can “catch up.” Pretty annoying, so when I taped them I naturally edited that stuff out (along with the commercials of course). This series is created by Genndy Tartakovsky, the talent behind Samurai Jack, so the style and quality of the animation is beyond reproach. Ugh, what a clumsy cliche beyond reproach has become.

The characters are not voiced by the original actors from the movies (except for Anthony Daniels), but the talent they got does a fair job of imitation. As might be expected from Tartakovsky and from Star Wars, most of the story is battle after battle. They make some interesting choices, not all of which I agree with. Some things happen too easily and quickly: like vehicles exploding and being cut in half by a light saber too small to do the job; in another scenario a dozen eels pushed around a completely massive vehicle. Even though it’s only a sci-fi cartoon, they pushed the boundaries of believability.

There were also gaffs a la forgetting that destroyer droids had force sheild bubbles. They had lancers on speeder bikes which (even though they were piloted by cool-looking IG-88 droids) just seemed silly given the limited use of the lances. And there weren’t enough grenades or little flying robots that deliver huge bombs. That is all.