Argh. So my voiceover agent has asked that I provide a “sexy” voiceover for my commercial voiceover demo reel. Right now I’ve got a funny, quirky one with BCAA tips, a serious, gentle one about the Canadian Cancer Society, and a fast, exciting Battle Bots commercial. She has asked for something “mellow
smooth maybe touching on romantic soft caring as well as a deep voice”, specifically. I’m wracking my brains as to what product I could do. Apparently Snapple did a sort of erotic ad campaign some time ago but I don’t know when and I can’t find any transcripts of the ads. I got this:

“It’s time we had ‘The Talk.’ At Snapple, when young fruits ripen, they may want to combine with other fruits. These urges are perfectly natural. So experiment. Explore. Even play the field. When fruits join together, it’s a very special thing.”

Which is kind of close, but I hope to find something better. Maybe a jazz radio spot, or a promo for tourism to Greece or something. Any suggestions would be keen. I go in to record tomorrow afternoon.