James? (wink wink)

The Pixies
Commodore Ballroom
April 22-23, 2004
DRS 8:00
$35 + s/c ($41.25 total at outlets, about $2 more over phone or website)
On sale Saturday Feb 22 at 9:30AM

Thanks to Phil.

Admissible in Court?

Brain Fingerprinting, developed by Dr Larry Farwell, chief scientist and founder of Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, is a method of reading the brain’s involuntary electrical activity in response to a subject being shown certain images relating to a crime.

Unlike the polygraph or lie detector to which it is often compared, the accuracy of this technology lies in its ability to pick up the electrical signal, known as a p300 wave, before the suspect has time to affect the output.

“It is highly scientific, brain fingerprinting doesn’t have anything to do with the emotions, whether a person is sweating or not; it simply detects scientifically if that information is stored in the brain,” says Dr Farwell.

Hmmm…I’m not convinced.