They Gave Us Too Much And Not Enough

They gave us too much and not enough.

Last week’s episode of Enterprise was one of the worst episodes I’ve seen, if not the worst. For those of you who didn’t see it, T’Pol (the Vulcan) got jealous of Trip (the first officer) and they ended up having sex. They seem to be redefining Vulcans with this series, and be redefining, I mean taking away everything that makes them different from humans.

They’ve also introduced creatures from another dimension. I had hoped Enterprise would be about the roots of the Federation and starfleet. I wanted to see what life was like before the transporter and universal translator. Instead they gave us everything tired and overused in TNG, DS9 and Voyager – time travel and extradimensional threats. Bring back the Andorians. I wanted to see them make first contact with the races that will eventually form the Federation. I didn’t want a temporal cold war or a whole season devoted to hunting down a threat to Earth. Show me how the Prime Directive was created. Show me how miscommunications between species have sparked wars and starfleet technology left on pre-warp worlds have twisted civilizations. Show me smallpox in space. Show me what the worlds of the Classic Trek aliens (orions, romulans, klingons, andorians, gorn, tellarites, tholians) were like before Kirk’s time.