Some exciting things happened today: I got a little bracelet thing from Garett & Lea in the mail; I bought antipasto at Costco; Anghold gave me a haircut; I went to “the gym” and looked like an idiot on some kind of elliptical machine. I watched the “Around the World” video from Daft Punk again. Probably my favourite of music videos (which typically I do not enjoy), though Peter Gabriel’s vids are usually entertaining.

Stewie says I’m too specific in my tastes. What he means is I don’t like rap. All rap. And it’s true. Same thing with hiphop. I bought the Beastie Boys double CD anthology to give them another go – do they count as rap? Anyway – I don’t really like their rappy songs. I like their song Intergalactic Planetary, and a few others. But I sold the CDs. I also don’t like reggae at all. Not even a little bit. Unless you count The Police, whom I am quite fond of. I don’t like top 40 tunes. Now this is all speaking generally (although specifically I have never heard a reggae song that didn’t make my skin crawl) – I’m not saying that there aren’t rap/hiphop/top 40 artist with talent. I just don’t care for their wares.

So, that’s what I don’t like. However, I do like some rock, heavy metal, punk, lounge, classical, industrial, techno, country, jazz, “ethnic” – whatever that is, blues, and I’m sure many others. I am not vehemently against any of those genres like I am with reggae and most rap/hiphop. So, there you go. That’s something you may not know about me.

I’m going to have to get up early this weekend, so I need to start going to bed before 6am. In principal I like the idea of going to bed when many other people are getting up, ready to go to work or school or assassinations, but in practice it bites me in the ass sometimes (when I actually have to do something during regular business hours). So this week I plan (again) on going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. It’s my new year’s resolution. No wait – my new year’s resolution is 72 dpi.

Tomorrow is the first time in 2 weeks that I haven’t had something planned – so I may actually get some work done.