Not stupid – ignorant.

So I get on the bus in Coquitlam, and I put in my three dollars, which as I understand it is the fare for a two-zone pass. I say to the bus driver “two zones, please” and I plunk in my three bucks. I sit down and look at the thing – it says three zones. I don’t think anything of it. I only paid my three dollars for two zones so it must be right. I transfer onto the skytrain station. All is well. At Broadway Station, I get on the 99 and put my transfer into the slot. It comes back reading “upgrade required – $1.00.” I’m confused but I’m not going to argue with the driver while there is a line of people waiting behind me. I have a toonie and ninety five cents in change. I drop in the toonie and the driver gives me a new transfer, taking away my old one. So now I’ve paid a total of $5 (although one of those dollars was Ang Holds, which makes it even worse) for what I thought was a $3 ride, but the worst part is not that I’ve spent two extra dollars, the worst part is that I’ve spent two extra dollars that I feel I should not have had to. That’s the kind of shit that ruins your whole day.