Dalia forwarded me this opportunity to mentor a child, and I think it would be a really good idea for me right now. In the forward, which was from somebody named Michael, was described a 12 year old girl who wants to learn how to be a cartoonist, specifically manga style. I don’t really do manga, but I went ahead and emailed the contact person (Teresa – “VSB district resource teacher – gifted education”) to find out more info. I got an email this morning:

“She is a talented artist and would like a mentor to show her new techniques in manga such as expressions, clothes and colours. She would like to improve her shading and proportions. If it were possible, she would like to learn about computer programs for colouring and animating. “

I don’t know if I’m the right man for that job. But also in this email:

“L is 11 and in grade 6. Since he was 3 years old he has made a variety of board games – all involving maps, some are historical and some are fantasy. L would like a mentor who enjoys role playing and strategy games so together they could design a game with mythical characters and go though levels or worlds or create a problem solving game that appeals to many types of people. The mentor would keep him on track, test out the games and help produce the game.”

That is perfect for me. And:

“B is 12 and in grade 6. He has visited art museums, tried computer art, has taken art classes and does lots of drawing. He would like his drawings to have better shading, better poses, more action and be less stiff. For his product B wants to draw a detailed fighting scene of a monster. He would like the mentor to help him with drawing styles, poses, lettering (like graffiti), shading or anything involving pencil sketching/drawing.”

Another good match.

Problems: “Two references are needed plus a criminal record check (free).” and I have to fill out some forms. The forms are fine…except I have no experience with “youth.” The criminal record check – no problem. Two references? Who the hell would I put down as references? I guess employers. Anyway – I think I might give this a go and see what happens. Wish me luck.

If anyone wants me to forward them the info for how to be a MENTORRRRR just email me.