Origamist Potluck

Holy smokes – the snow! Hooray!
Originally we (Anghold, Marlo & I) were going to go to the PALM (Paperfolders Around the Lower Mainland) origamist potluck tonight, but that’s a snow-go now. (That means we’re not going). Last night I treated (trot?) myself to pizza because, well, just because. It was no gingery sweet yams but it did the job. The Comicshop on 4th is having a big RPG blowout and I’m tempted to go, but I think I will resist that temptation on the grounds that it would probably be in my best interest(s).

I like snow. Some people don’t. I like it, I think, because it’s rare. If I lived in Calgary I probably would not be so fond of it. The Sunshine Market was closed yesterday so I couldn’t restock my Christmasy oranges. I think that’s my #1 plan for today: buy more oranges.

I got practically no email yesterday. I guess everyone is out holidaying. I don’t blame them. Since there was precious little going on internet-wise I actually got some work done. My bosses will be so proud of me! I also re-organized my VHS collection – just the movies, not the cartoons. I keep having this schism about whether or not I should keep the DVDs separate from the VHS tapes, or mingle them all together alphabetically on the shelves. I am going with the latter, for now, but if tradition holds I will go back to segregating them. I still have a bunch of movies in my collection that I haven’t watched yet: Godfather; Grave of Fireflies; Kiki’s Delivery Service; others. I’ve just been waiting for the right time to watch them (that time being when I can actually pay attention to them) and it has yet to come. I checked in on Weetzie, Ed’s cat, again yesterday and picked up some more vids from him: Ringu; Fubar; Meet the Feebles (a weird R-rated muppet movie from Peter Jackson – yes that Peter Jackson); Waiting for Guffman; Cradle Will Rock. The last two I have seen before.