Blog Tenets

Due to a certain gingerbread dungeon (below), I sent a link to this blog out to quite a few people. Professional gaming lists, etc. I find it amusing that some people expressed feeling voyeuristic and didn’t know if it was appropriate to comment, etc. Guys – it’s the internet. If I didn’t want you to read it/comment I wouldn’t have put it online.

I have a few tenets for my blogs. I like to think of it as good blog etiquette, and I hope you all subscribe to my wacky notions.

1. I try not to post links without at least a few words describing where you’re going to go when you click it. My regulars will know this. There are blogs out there that are nothing but a sequence of links. Boring. And often annoying. I go to friends’ blogs to read their opinions and feelings, not to get redirected to random crap. There are so many thin links all over the internet, many of which are simply predicated by “this is funny.” Frankly, that’s not good enough. If I have no idea where I’m going, chances are I’m not going to click that link.

2. I don’t post entries that mean nothing to anyone except myself. I have a private diary for my private thoughts. My online blog is for everyone. I try to keep the cryptic, teasing half-stories to a minimum. At least two of my blogging friends (to the left) are guilty of this, and it’s shameful. Shameful! Not to mention frustrating.

Anything to add?
Tomorrow (Sunday proper) I’m going to make hexmas prezzies, write, and if it’s the episode I think it is, watch Enterprise.