Stoned Gaming

On Saturday I played Mutants and Masterminds: not the Red Skrull game, but the reunion of the Justice Hurricane.

I used to play Champions with Jeff GMing in oh, 97 or so, shortly after I moved to Vancouver. It’s ironic that Jeff and I went to the same high school in Chilliwack, and knew all the same people, but never actually met until I moved to Van. Anyway, in the Champions game I played Rhinosferatu (half man, half rhino, all vampire) but rather than renew him I decided to make up a new character for the M&M game:

The Beekeeper.

He’s fun. His alter ego name is Cedric Doppelpopoulos. Everyone there was drinking and/or smoking pot so although there were many hilarious moments, everything was three times as hilarious to everyone else. Stuart was building things with Lego while we played, and Mike, rather doped up, stepped on the bag Stuart left on the floor and fell over like a tree, right onto the table (and my knee). I thought he had either suddenly died or had an attack of narcolepsy, because he didn’t put his hands out when he fell or in any other way reacted. He just lie on the table for a number of seconds as we all tried to lift his inert body up. Turns out he was fine, though he did cut his hand, we discovered minutes later.

Tea, Jeff’s girlfriend, is singing in a band (I don’t know the name) and a greeting was passed on to me from Karen, who plays drums for them (if I recall correctly) and who I was told I know. It’s not unlikely that I know her, but I have no recollection of knowing more than one Karen (my ex-boss who I now do web design for). Nevertheless, I returned the “via” greeting and maybe some day we’ll meet “again.”

Our cable went out on Thursday, but just in the living room – not in Mr. Chris’ room. Two guys came this morning to have a look at it. One of them was a typical repairman specimen who was taken to call objects and situations “her.” They couldn’t get the signal fixed today so we are to expect more visits by another “crew” in the next 2-3 days. In the meantime they gave us a lot of cable and a splicer. I hope all of this is free. It should be, shouldn’t it? I’ll be angry and broke if it’s not.

Yesterday, in addition to writing a few ESL dialogues, I worked on the almost-all-lady D&D campaign that I’m running. I did up a map and got a clearer picture of what the string of adventures will be. Here’s hoping they advance in levels as planned, otherwise I may have to add or remove some scenarios. I’m sure I’ll be able to deal with that if it happens. There’s just a little bit in the middle I need to flesh out (how will they get from here to there?), but overall it’s looking pretty damn interesting. I’ve left lots of opportunities for the players to make decisions that will affect the outcome of the story arc, which I’m sure you’ll all agree is important, rather than just taking them for a ride.