“The ground rule is, if you want to enjoy the luxury of being able to buy books anywhere other than Chapters in the future, you must exercise these alternatives now” – Rowan

I didn’t buy anything but a bus transfer on “Buy Nothing Day” (yesterday). As it turns out it had nothing to do with activism, I just didn’t have anything else to buy that day.

Dancing is Funny

I took the skytrain out to Coquitlam to go swimming with Anghold last night, but when we got to the Aquatic Center, there were too many kids, and it was $5 instead of $2 (as we were used to) so we called it off. We played Scrabble instead. Then we went to pick up Hoolie (Ang’s mom) at a Save-On-Foods Christmas Party that was quite something to see. Ang dragged me onto the dance floor and I did the robot. After we dropped off Hoolie at the Hold Home we drove back to my place and rolled up Ang’s D&D character. She decided on an aranea. Should be interesting.