I wonder if there is something in the mail for me today? Soon I will know. I am hopeful. Hopeful that it is something good. Yesterday I got paid for the art I did for Monte Cook’s Chaositech, which I think will be a very interesting book, and I also got the copy of Dark Crystal I won on ebay last week. Right now I’m working on a full page drawing of adventurers in a boat being attacked by “lake people.” I took photos of James and Norm for this drawing (mostly James in different poses as different characters), and I cobbled together the basic composition in photoshop. It’s funny to see the mockup with a bunch of Jameses fighting eachother. Well hell maybe I’ll post a jpeg.

I toddled down to the bank yesterday because the US dollar was up more than it’s been in a long time, so I transferred money from my US to my Canadian account. I got the sexy, older Russian/Slavic woman. She told me I needed to change my RSP, and who am I to argue, so I spent a few minutes in another nice lady’s office trying to wrap my mind around boring human finances. Hot damn what an invigorating entry this has turned out to be!

Your newsy bits for the week:

President Bush traveled to Britain, along with 650 companions, including 5 personal chefs, but was unable to move freely in the country because of massive protests. The Pentagon was planning to launch a 24-hour satellite television channel based in Baghdad to make it easier to circumvent the news media “filter” that US officials believe is misleading the public by emphasizing bad news about the occupation of Iraq. Richard Perle, a Pentagon adviser and one of the architects of the conquest of Iraq, admitted to an audience in London that the invasion was illegal: “I think in this case international law stood in the way of doing the right thing.” The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that homosexuals have the right to get married. Michael Jackson was arrested and booked for being a child molester; he then made bail and went to Las Vegas. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace released a study concluding that Nafta has failed to create jobs for Mexico and has hurt thousands of rural Mexican farmers. The report also said that the net effect on U.S. jobs had been “minuscule.” Conrad Black, the right-wing Canadian press mogul and British lord, was caught receiving large “unauthorized payments” from his company and announced that he was resigning as CEO and that he will sell his company, Hollinger International, which owns the Chicago Sun-Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Jerusalem Post, and other media properties. Krist Novoselic, the former bassist for Nirvana, was thinking about running for lieutenant governor of Washington. A German cannibal named Armin Meiwes said he was sorry for killing and eating another man, who supposedly agreed to be eaten and shared a meal of his own penis with his killer. Prosecutors have charged Meiwes with “murder for sexual satisfaction,” because cannibalism in not a crime in Germany. Israeli researchers successfully used DNA to create a functional self-assembling electronic nano-device.