Yest-o-day I helped Shawn, Mariko & Loki move from Main street to Burnaby. That was all well and good, but afterwards my left leg and right arm hurt a bit. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for a free Chinese food dinner, as I had to go home to prepare for visitors. Marlo, Eng, Rob, Chirs, Lin, Adrian, Anghold and of course Mr. Chris and I watched the extended edition of Two Towers and ate many different flavours of potato chips, pop, cookies, bridge mix, crackers & cheese, and oranges. Fun for the whole family.

I am designing a new campaign for Marlo, Anghold, Michelle & friends. Hopefully things will work out to everyone’s satisfaction, as I know Michelle & co are still under a campaign run by Kathryn, who is a busy beaver (and often an out-of-town beaver). I have some grand schemes, and this campaign will take some of my best ideas from the past 10 years of running D&D. Running a campaign is really difficult these days, because it’s hard to get a regular group together on a weekly basis. This is why for our current group, I mainly run short adventures that last 1-4 sessions so that I don’t have to rely on 1 “set” group of characters to be on hand constantly and consistently.

Ultimately, for this new campaign, however, if I can get 2 or 3 people as the main core players, all the rest can drop in and out as their schedule permits, and we can still have a coherent, long-term storyline play out. That is my goal. Anghold has expressed interest in being a cleric, and Marlo an non-spellcasting elf. This will be my first time diverging from published scenarios in third edition D&D. Hopefully I don’t kill everyone off needlessly.