Last night Yvonne and I went to see some Francey animation shorts at the Pacific Cinematheque. The block we saw was “taking flight” – not my first choice but I was very pleased, as it turned out. There was only one incredibly dreary short. We got to the theater quite early, and we bought our tickets. The guy selling the tickets told us we could go into the theater and watch the remainder of the last show, but as we strolled over to do so, the lady at the concession turned us away. I was MORTIFIED. Disheartened and disconcerted, we walked around town for a bit and then returned when the time was right – or so we thought. We walked into the theater (loudly, of course) during a question and answer period with a bunch of…well, authorities I guess, and many people were giving us the evil eye. And I spilled my hot chocolate. And I dropped one of my Wunderbar pumpkin candies -which had nothing to do with pumpkins except that the wrapper had jack o’ lanterns on them, and in fact looked more like a dinosaur egg – which rolled down the theater floor several rows in front of us. We drew the audience’s headbacks (that is to say, the back of their heads – there should be a single word for that. After all, you don’t call it the front of your head, you call it your face. Perhaps anti-face or reverse-face will do?). The films were good, especially The Monk & the Fish but I have all my usual problems with the PC: painful seats as you well know, plus….$3.00 for a small hot chocolate that tasted like coffee. Regardless, I recommend you go and see them while you can – they’re only here for a few days. And while you’re at it take me with you. There are five different blocks.

So that was pretty much the night except then I hanged out at Yvonne’s for a bit, yakked it up and snooped around, and then walked from home (from Alma and Point Grey Road – took about an hour I would say) at midnightish.

And HOLY SMOKES I got a Deeeeeeeeeeeluxe scrabble board that I am going to break in tonight! Thank you Mike & Bev!

Meanwhile, Not far away…..
We’re trying to sell the Thicket tour van, just in case anyone is interested:

1982 GMC Vandura (black)
Fully loaded
350 cubic inch engine
setup to haul trailer
air conditioning, cruise control, power everything
engine recently rebuilt (within last 3 years)
604-845-0646 (Chilliwack)

Free stuff in Vancouver:
ENTERPRISE 30″ almond gas stv, everything wrks, incl clock, broken dr hinge. Vancouver Tel: 604-736-4977

HOTPOINT dw, gd wrkg cond. West Vancouver Tel: 604-921-9700

KENMORE stv, 30″Wx36″H, wht. North Vancouver Tel: 604-929-7798

LARGE old, light brown, solid wooden desk, w wht laminate top, 3 drwrs ea side, 32″Hx60″Wx34″D. New Westminster Tel: 604-526-5509

MOTOROLA TV record player, radio, in lge cab. Burnaby Tel: 604-299-8799

PULL-OUT sofa, matt 3 yrs old, ugly orange but gd cond. Vancouver Tel: 604-916-4843

QUEEN sz boxspring, matt & frame, Beautyrest, gd cond, w some bedding. Burnaby Tel: 604-421-7948

SHELF 1.3m x 1m W x 23cm D, dk stain; (2) Ikea kitch chrs, birch veneer. Vancouver Tel: 604-224-9214

TRADITIONAL style chfld, gold & wht patt, clean cond, you PU. Vancouver Tel: 604-263-9945

WHIRLPOOL dw, wrks. Surrey Tel: 604-583-4425

Would anyone with a vehicle be willing to help me pick up a couch, should it come up?