Busy as a wasp.

I have been quiet over the weekend. Busy working. Sometimes these things must be done. What did I do? Played Call of Cthulhu for the first time in a long time. My character has an insanity, the details of which are unknown to the other players, though they know I’ve got something. It’s hard to work it into the game, however, without constantly derailing the “mission” – which is to stop a film from being premiered.

Everyone’s busy. Busy busy busy. I’m busy too. I wanted to go see The Cremator today, but nobody took me up on the e-offer. We didn’t play D&D on Sunday yet again because we didn’t have enough people to play – everyone’s busy, I reiterate. Depressing.

Day 2988: Spam still plaguing inbox

Today I met in person a gal I met on one of those awful online dating services quite a while ago. She (Rhonda) has been living in Yellowknife. We chat on MSN from time to time. We went to City Square mall (Cambie & 12th) and tried out India’s Flavour. It’s a new joint in that mall, as Stephane pointed out on Friday on our way back from Costco. Speaking of which – more Hot Chocolate was acquired thereat. Digressor, I, again. They have India’s Flavour in the food court at Tinseltown so by proxy I now have warm feelings for City Square. Then we browsed a couple stores in the mall, did some shopping at Safeway, then I gave her the grand tour of the apartment and introduced her to Kodos and Stewie. We played cards and I lost almost all the games. Through the course of the afternoon, however, I became reacquainted with an old friend – The Werner Universal Educator: A Manual of General Information and Complete Cyclopedia of Reference Historical, Biographical, Scientific and Statistical Embracing the Most Improved and Simple Methods of Self-Instruction in All Branches of Popular Education (New Revised Edition). This is a massive tome that was published in 1901 (yes, 1901). It’s got a chapter on phrenology, another chapter on etiquette – it’s quite fantastic, actually. You can teach yourself German, and learn history from the pre-world war(s) perspective. I’ve had this book for years – I think I picked it up while I was working at The Book Man in Chilliwack. We used it to look up the rules for poker. It would be a great book to fall asleep with if it weren’t for the chance of being crushed under it’s ponderous weight (both literal and literary – haha). After the card games and chitchat Rhonda took off so I could get some work done. I’ve been drawing all night, and I was hoping to get some writing (not counting this) done, but no such luck.

I’ve been thinking about throwing a Christmas Party, but I’m worried that as soon as I announce one, I’ll get an email from a friend about their hexmas party happening on the same day, and I’ll have to miss it, because I’ll be here. I’d rather go to someone else’s Christ o’ Mas party, because then I could leave whenever I wanted. That’s only a half-joke. And it’s the bottom half. All the parties I’ve been to lately have been my own. I am, after all, a party animal.

For American Thanksgiving: I’m thankful I live in a time when messy hair is considered stylish.

It is my policy, and I think it should be everyone’s policy, to ask questions. Particularly if you’re having a conversation with someone and they use a word or a term that you haven’t heard of, or don’t know the definition of. I don’t mind seeming foolish and ignorant – I spend all day doing it. I like words, and I use them because I like them, not to appear pretentious (though sometimes I’m sure I do) or superior (though I do have a book called The Superior Person’s Book of Words). I like reading new words and hearing them. I like to assimilate them into my vocabularium. So I’ll make you a deal – please don’t smile, nod, and pretend you know what a word means – ask for clarification. I’ll do the same, and the world will be a better place for it.

Speaking of asking questions – what is the preferred salutation on Remembrance Day? You don’t say “happy Remembrance Day” do you? Because really, what’s there to be happy about? I’m curious about this.

Next trivia question: What is the Kuiper Belt?