Do you ever have those experiences, in which you come across something that seems to define a time of your life? Seeing & holding an object, or experiencing a smell, that just washes a wave of nostalgia over you – and sometimes it may be specific memories, while other times it is just a feeling that you haven’t felt for years and years. The pretentious word being, perhaps, zeitgeist?

I came across an audio cassette tonight–a memorex 90 minute tape with a very 80’s design of yellow, pink and blue geometric shapes–while I was going through some old crap, Christ I’m handling it right now and it just flashes bits and pieces of my life from the late 80’s and early 90’s through my head. John Burton. Soundgarden. Cultus Lake. The wooden walls of my room in Chilliwack, books & cassettes stacked along the wainscotting. Listening to the radio late at night – something I never ever do now. These things mean very little to you, but to me – they signify a very particular chapter of my life. It puts my mind in a very unusual place.

I think we all want that magic mirror – that genie who will bring us back to a time in our past. Not necessarily a simpler time, but certainly different. Yeah, genie, show me that magic video tape that will encapsulate the entire summer of 1989. What stupid mistakes was I making? What was I taking for granted?

And I say to myself “hey, idiot: you’re living life right now – in 10 years you’ll be doing the same thing, reminiscing about sitting in your room on Oak & 13th, spending a lot of time on your computer. Your cat, Kodos – remember him? He was sitting on your bed. You collected cartoons and had cartoon parties every year. Chris Stewart, the best roommate you ever had, was asleep in his room as you typed noisily. You were drawing for D&D back then. Hallowe’en was fun. You just watched The Impostors with Yvonne, Darcy & Chris. You were writing dialogues for an ESL book. Your acting career was just getting off the ground. You needed a haircut. It was before you met Penelope and you still had your left arm.”

Good thing I’ve got this blog so I’ll never forget.