I didn’t eat nearly as much candy as I hoped I would this Hallowe’en. Oh well, I’ll make up for it in the next 364 days. Starting with this here Tootsie Roll.

Otherwise, the most wonderful time of the year was fun. We played our little show at The Marine Club, but the first band went on later than they were supposed to, the second band played too long, which meant that our set got cut in half because we had to stop at 1:30am. Oh well – we have had shows where we weren’t able to play at all because of these kinds of things. We played

Shoggoths Away
Innsmouth Look
Power Up
The Math Song
20 Minutes of Oxygen
Space Ghosts

…then we were told we have “one song plus an encore.” Now what does that mean to you? Because to me an encore can be all the songs in the world. An encore is just when you come back on stage to play more. We used that grey area to full effect. We continued with:

Slave Ship which led right into
Walking on the Moon with no break, so really we just counted that as one song.
…Then I pointed out that we were saving time by not going off and back on stage for our encore, so that gave us time for an extra song. We played:

The Chosen One
Six Gun Gorgon Dynamo
Mustard Gas

And that was that. So, out of 20 songs on our set list we ended up with 13, which is actually a typical set for us, so hopefully nobody felt cheated. Bob (our bassist) felt cheated though, because he was playing with us that night for the first time in over 2 years. See, he had to quit the band because of his job and family, but he asked us if he could sit in on a show for old times sake.

The good news is that Stewie is talking about doing a proper show at the Railway Club. I suggested January. Hopefully Bob can come back again and we’ll try for the 20 song set. The Railway Club is open until 4am I hear. I’m also pushing for an earlier start time, what do you think about that? 50% of the sentences I heard Friday night were “are you guys going on soon?” The other 50% was “Take it off!!!”

After the show was over, Stewie, Marlo, Eng and I waited for a cab in the cold cold autumn night, like many other a becostumed fool, and finally ended up getting one by agreeing to pay $20 for a $7 ride. I guess that’s typical for such nights. I think that’s wrong. Then we got to my place where we watched tv, ate junk food, and tried to keep a drunk Anghold under control (no easy task, but I think we won more battles than we lost). Overall, a fun and memorable night. Especially memorable now that I’ve written it down.

Stop the Chris’

Here is the legend for my revised naming structure for the many Chris’ in my life:

Chris Cleroux: Cleroux
Chris Eng: Eng
Chris Gibbins: Gibbins
Chris Hold: Chrishold (all one word)
Chris Perkins: Perkins
Chris Pramas: Pramas
Chris Slater: Slater
Chris Stewart: Stewie
Chris Switzer: The Bean
Chris Woods: Sid

I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple.