One of the things I like about weekends is the cartoons. One of the things I hate about weekends is there’s no mail. Yesterday, however, was an amazing mail day, that made up for the long weekend. Amongst the goods was a big package of crap from a Thickets fan. Included were some comic books, including Sandman and Howard the Duck, and some stickers. Yay. I also got my contributor copies of The Necronomicon Files (second Revised and Expanded edition, softcover this time), a keen book about Lovecraft’s fictitious tome, that is so comprehensive they spend 4 pages talking about the episode of The Real Ghostbusters (this link goes to a pdf file) in which the GBs track down the cult of Cthulhu. I got five copies of the book (I did the cover art) so if anyone wants a copy, I only need to keep one for myself.