Are you one of those people who will give out snacky or other food items freely, except when it’s the last one in the pack? I have experienced my share of “those people.” Is the last one somehow more tasty? Sentimental reasons? Saving it for a rainy day? What’s the story there? Situation: I have a pack of Juicy Fruit with two sticks left in it. I take one, then offer you the last one. Is this somehow significantly different than if I had offered you the second to last one and took the last one for myself?

Tonight Marlo came over and we watched Clone High. During the intermission (after episode 3) we started talking about relationships and whatnot–we got so involved that we talked for probably about 2 hours and never got around to putting Clone High back on. It was great, I do love a good conversation. It’s strange, and Marlo mentioned this tonight, that although we’ve known eachother for years now, we’ve never really had any meaningful, “deep” conversations. Typically thought exchange and (more often than not) superficial gab takes place over ICQ or blog comments. I was saying to her, and I think many people reading this will agree, that although I have a lot of friends – people in my social circle that I play D&D with or play tennis with or (when I had a job) work with – I keep intimacy level down with most of them: maybe you appreciate this; maybe you don’t care; maybe the gruesome details of my personal life make you uncomfortable and are at best contained on an impersonal blog entry that requires no emotional commitment on your end. I don’t open up to most people. Maybe that’s normal. I guess you wouldn’t expect me to pour my heart out every time we pass on the street. There are just particular friends in my life that by their very nature lend themselves to sympathy, sentiment, and confidence (as in to confide): most of these friends are girls. I think the reason for this is–and I don’t mean to stereotype, but–girls are generally more interested in and responsive towards intimate conversation. Secondly, I appreciate the female perspective simply because it is not the male perspective, which I have slightly less trouble understanding (for which I boldly gamble to assume are obvious reasons). In case you’re wondering why I’m being so verbose and informal – you’ve got Marlo to thank for that, she just got me started when she had to take off. But I’ve still got Kodos. I’ve always got Kodos.