I’m listening to the Weakerthans. Ang Hold made me a mixed CD. I’m enjoying it (even though the singer sounds like Robin (Kermit’s nephew) in a song or two). Likely I’ll see them this Thursday at the Commodore. This may mean that I have to blow off Mutants and Masterminds (again) – Theo will be so mad. But I’ll make it up to him…somehow.

I came up with two more possible band names: Metazoic. Kinda dull but I like it; *ahem* is the other one. That’s right, *ahem*. I posted the band name question to the many fine cultists at hillsidethickets@yahoogroups, and got some interesting suggestions:

My Other Band (these 8 from “Latex”)
Pantiless Cartwheels
Projectile Dysfunction
Spongy Cavernous Tissue
Tossed Salad
Yet Another Boy Band
Penfold’s Glasses (Jason Averill)
Metaphysical Abuse? (Scott Wells)
The MacBin Project?
Dog Almighty
The Arcatuthus Sound?
the hopping fishfrogs (or just fishfrog) (Craig)
The Abdul Alhazred Project
Ash to Ashes
Mega Danger Mouth (William R Porter)
Not your average Cult Band
Hastur Sewing Circle of Death
Transcription Error (Tim Emrick)
Band in a Jar
Plutonian Speech Machine
Off the Top of My Head (or “OTTOMH”)
Satan Ghost (Daniel Chaves)
Colussus of Toads (Joseph)
Papal Bull
Cthatholic Dance Party
Furry Elise
Perl Necklace
MC Ultra and His Majestic 12 (Atruwe)