I recommend the pina colada flavour. You’ll be surprised by the authentic taste.

Oog. Ang Hold came over, we watched some Eddie Izzard, and I ate way too much crap food. Crap food is even worse than junk food. Oh well – in the next 3 days, swimming is in the stars. That’s kind of a double entendre, but not really.

Slater-boy’s blog brought me back to a classic Strongbad email about coming up with band names. And I mean classic in the classic use of the word. Not the new cheesy use of classic as in “I just found a quarter on the ground, that’s totally classic!” No, no no.

Speaking of emails, I got this one out of the proverbial blue yesterday:

hello um i see that you can draw very good well can you draw umm lets see elfs/elvs and orcs in a war if you can can you please do so becouse i like elfs/elvs and orcs ^_^; and um my emil adress is thundereagle33@aol.com or and my um yahoo E-mail adress is night_elf_boy k oh yah and one more thang can you draw a night elf you no i want him werring black with red eyes with two swords that would be cool and great e_e hehe thanks! please email me back when you can talling me if you can draw them or not!
kool orcs!