In a sense: Everything is natural.

Everything that is man-made is natural. We are natural. We are part of nature. We make plastics – out of what? Not from some extra-dimensional anti-matter that we fish out of black holes–but of things we harvest from nature. This is a theory that I find tragically legitimate (though that doesn’t mean that I don’t find about 90% of what mankind does to be offensive).

Thousands of years ago we picked up a piece of bone and used it to cut something (probably whoever was hitting on our chosen mates). Is that natural? Is the wheel natural? Is the Michelin tire natural? So now…you decide. You tell me. Where does natural begin and end? Where do you draw the line?

Plagues & tornados are natural. Carnivores & cannibalism are natural. Homosexuality is natural. Pushing your baby sister out of the nest and killing her is natural. What’s good about nature? What’s bad about nature?

Speaking of natural, a completely naked man came to a garage sale that I was shopping at (at the corner of 12th and Alder). Completely naked, except for the hard hat he purchased. It made me smile. After all, it is a good day to be naked, so the Klingon proverb goes.