Cubans, in fact, have very few sharp corners

Today I got paid money for using my voice. That’s a nice-a donut. The company is Lynx Publishing and what they do, see, is publish ESL books with CDs. So I was reading out loud (not to be confused with acting) various conversational or informational text. This particular book I was reading for is for ESL workers in the nursing field. So I found myself talking about the intimate details of chlamydia with women I’d never met before in my life! And coping with the loss of my leg. And being embarrassed about being washed by female nurses (as if!!). It was pretty surreal – all the more so because we were recording in a Joy’s room. Joy is a young girl – not sure about her age but I would guess 16. The company is a home business, so the microphone was set up on her computer desk, and the wires went out to a room across the hall, where Ray was recording to his computer. There was only one microphone for all the readers. Joy, actually, is a fantastic artist – much better than I was at her age, if memory serves. She had her drawings up on the walls. So we got into talking about what I draw and so forth. She didn’t know what D&D is (though she had Magic: The Gathering cards in her room) but Ray did. Carol, the woman who hired me, was also very interested in my drawing abilities. I guess they are thinking about putting out a children’s ESL book and so she was probing me about illustrations for that. Furthermore, when I was getting my check, she asked me about writing, and asked me if I was interested in doing some editing for them. Furthermore, being a true, polite, meek Canadian, I didn’t bring up the subject of pay at all, prior to being on site, but when Carol cut me a check she told me that I was getting 25% above their normal rates. I guess I impressed them. I think it’s neat, what they’re doing; very homey, intimate, like you would expect from a family business. Of course it appeals to my anti-corporate, grassroots side, such as it is. So I am happy to help them out. Plus: money.

I read more Alias last night. I am diggin’ this new dernier cri in comics where we see the mundane side of the universe that is not spandex-laden, yet we can’t forget that superheroes are all around. Jessica and her new boyfriend are having dinner on the patio of a restaurant, and Dr. Octopus goes by with Spider-Man and the Human Torch in hot (ha) pursuit. “You…uh…you want to go help?” asks Jessica. “I didn’t bring any of my Ant-Man stuff. Do you want to go?” replies Scott. Jessica: “mmmmm…nah. They got it. And I really — I don’t do that anymore.”