Today’s post is in point form:

ey p
up a tic-
ket for Eddie
finally. I
can’t wait. I took
the test at http://

and I am on the economic left
(-6.62) and also left on the social
scale (Libertarian): -5.85. What does
that mean? I’m in cahoots with Gandhi,
Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. Yes-
terday I had dim sum with Nicole & Chris and
Jeff & Tea and Theo & Kate and Stuart and applic-
able children. Then we went back to Jeff’s place and I
looked through Tea’s collection of Sandman graphic novels.
A fellow named John Crawford arrived to get a hair cut from Jeff.
John writes for the Westender and told us how he met Dan Savage
and how there are clubs whose members actively seek out HIV infection
(mostly in California). I forget what the name of the organization is. When
Nicole offered me a ride home Katey (her cute kid) cried because she had just
made friends with Tea’s cute kids and parting was such sweet sorrow. Well not
so much sweet as loud. I felt bad but I had to be at a BBQ/meeting with Dave and
the rest of the crew for Aggravated Assault for 3pm. Then it was back to the computer
where I typed up and emailed all the corrections and notes I made proofreading the
newest editted manuscript for the Spaceship Zero adventure “Slave Ship.” and drew
some revised maps for it. This will appear on the Green Ronin site as a PDF file.
This morning I had to get up to be at a video shoot for Aggravated Assault
because even though it’s a play it’s a bit multi-media in that there
will be TVs on stage. It was only a 30 second scene but I got to
wear a tie and say “Mr. Boyle’s chances are excellent.” Then
My oldest chum Chris (only a month older than me but
that’s not what I mean) came over, we had brunch
at Denny’s (I blame Chris) and played a couple of
games of Magic: The Gathering. He’s painting
the cover of the next Bare Naked Ladies
album. Correction: he’s done painting it.
Then Kate arrived for a game of tennis
at 3pm. Tonight I had acting class:
it was good. This Wednesday I
have an appointment to
try out for reading
the english bits
on an ESL

me l

Point form – get it?