You Stink

You stink
I don’t like perfume. Never have. Cologne – same thing. It’s obtrusive, and fake. I try to buy the least smelly deodorants. Speaking of deodorants, I realized recently that I was terribly tricked. I bought Arm & Hammer deodorant (36 Hour Power!) thinking it was just that – deodorant. Why did I think that? Because it says “DEODORANCY/DESODORISANT”. But underneath that in much smaller letters – it says “ANTI-PERSPIRANT”.


It’s actually not that big of a deal – as I understand it anti-perspirant is unhealthy for some reason (I used to know but now I forget) so I usually buy deodorant instead. But I am peeved that they would deliberately mislead me to buying it. I guess the lesson is I didn’t look carefully enough.

Maybe someone can tell me why anti-perspirant is evil? In the comment section right here?