The Dark Octopussycat Returns

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Octopussycat, as a kitten, showed some psychokinetic powers and was taken by the government to be groomed as an assassin. Later, through the help of one of the scientists working on the project, she escaped. After exacting her revenge on those who created her, she became a vigilante in the streets of Zoopolis. This led to a series of run ins with World Wildlife Federation of Justice members such as Go-Rilla and Shaolin Monkey. Eventually they convinced her to join the team.

Powers: limited telekinesis and fear projection. Camouflage cloak. Ninja-oriented skills and octopus-related gadgets.

New WWFJ Story Written by Futurama Author Ian Boothby

Thanks to Toren Atkinson’s ongoing Birthday Fundraising Project, multiple Shuster Award nominee and Eisner Award–winning comic book creator Ian Boothby, best known for his work as one of the main writers on Simpsons Comics and Futurama Comics, has completed the final draft for the next installment of World Wildlife Federation of Justice comics.

Without giving too much away, the tale features multiple heroes and villains who must join forces to fight a new threat unlike any they’ve ever faced! It’s a nine page story to be illustrated by Toren Atkinson and, if all goes to plan, a very special guest artist.

Stay tuned to this space for further details!

World Wildlife Federation of Justice: Mach Turtle

Mach Turtle! Click to embiggen
Mach Turtle! Click to embiggen

Partially inspired by Cecil Turtle of Warner Bros cartoon fame, Mach Turtle not only is fast, but he flies…like a jet! His jet stuff pops out of compartments in his shell, of course.

This is the first draft. I’m actually not great at drawing the mechanical techno-military stuff so I’m hoping to make him cooler looking in the next iteration.


WWFJ Computer Desktop Wallpaper

Here by special request is the World Wildlife Federation of Justice desktop wallpaper at 1280 pixels wide. If you need a different size, let me know and I’ll make another jpeg.

Right click on THIS LINK, and select “open new tab” then right click on the image…

or just cut and paste the following URL into your browser window:

Then select “set as desktop background” and you can stare at the WWFJ battling their various foes every time you log on to your computer! Can you name them all?

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