Toren’s Taiwan Trip 4: The Inside of a Hospital & Driving in Kaohsiung


Woahhhh! Driving in Taiwan is a bit scary – mostly because of all the scooters! But I got roped into it. TRIAL BY FIRE!

The bank: If it doesn’t say ‘no parking’ – it’s parking!

Foreign traffic directions are fascinating to me!

Good Morning! This is the place we got a lot of our breakfasts from when we were in quarantine hotel

Customized scooter for the outdoorsy type

I haven’t been to Mos Burger since I was in Japan in 2019! Good to be back! And…this one sells produce? In case you want extra tomato I guess! For some reason they were playing “White Christmas” – in February!

Fascinating toothpastes!

So during the quarantine period I developed a severe stabbing pain in my back whenever I shifted my body while laying down. It didn’t seem to be going away so we went to the hospital to make sure it wasn’t anything serious. They put us in a little room off to the side, and they had to bring a mobile x-ray machine in because during quarantine I wasn’t allowed in the general hospital halls or areas. They scanned me, but apparently the x-rays didn’t turn out because I was too chonky. Not sure how that works but that was what was explained to me! So the doctor just gave me a bunch of pills and said I could come back for an MRI in 2 weeks, but by then we would no longer be in Kaohsiung so we just went ahead with our travel plans and I suffered through the pain. Seems whenever I travel there’s always some problem – when I was in Japan it was frozen shoulder. We paid them some money and then I was off to try to manage the paperwork for my travel insurance. Fun fun stuff!

Next up: Hippo butt and our first night market!

Toren’s Taiwan Trip 3: Pier 2 Art Center / Lantern Festival

Sunday Feb 20 2022

My first subway trip in Taiwan! From the Houyi station to Pier 2, where we saw lots of weird art!

Of course there’s 7-11 kiosks in the station, and they had my favourite, chocolate covered grape gummies!

Near Pier 2 there’s a book store called Eslite which is kind of like Taiwanese Chapters. I bought some Traveler’s Notebook products and unbeknownst to me at the time, there was a promotion – we got 2 free beers!

Yes. At the book store.

Many cool things were seen

There was a food market area, and yet you weren’t supposed to take off your mask or eat the food they were selling. So confusing!
A military presence!
A tiny lighthouse!

As the sun went down we were treated to the light show. Here’s the Music Museum pre-dusk and at night. One of these is not my photo, can you guess which one?

At dusk we took a tram to the Lingya District (not far)

We met with my wife’s older sister and her family at the Canadian restaurant called Yaletown Bistro! We got the typical Canadian fare – poutine, Montreal smoked meat sandwich, and of course a Nanaimo bar! The owner is from Vancouver and was super friendly.

After that, we went home and distributed our gifts from Canada to the family.

Next… Mos Burger and a trip to the hospital!